Kingsford Spring Festival 2022

What is more exciting than entering the Spring season with Southeast Asian delicacies, live music, traditional Indonesian music performance and animal petting zoo than with the wider Kingsway Church and Kingsford community? 

In 2022, Kingsway Church and the Indonesian Presbyterian Church of Randwick had the opportunity to partner with Randwick City Council, The Indonesian Embassy of Australia and our local sponsor, Joseph Metcalf Funeral Services, in hosting the Kingsford Spring Festival! The Kingsford Spring Festival attracted many curious visitors around the neighbourhood and was one of the highlights for Kingsway Church in celebrating diversity and community in Kingsford.

All are welcome!

The Kingsford community and the wider Randwick City Council emphasise on sharing diversity and cultures into our community. The 2022 Kingsford Spring Festival brought our close friends and families living in the community together to connect and immerse into the community and entered the Spring of 2022 together. 

Southeast Asian delicacies and cultures

Check out some event highlights from the 2022 Kingsford Spring Festival!

  • Food trucks and stalls

    Shout out to Satay Brothers, Hichef and many other food catering providers in making the Kingsford Spring Festival filled with many local delicacies and experience. Our visitors were able to experience and immerse into the Kingsford community through a glimpse of the strong food presence in the community!

  • Animal petting zoo

    Age-friendly animal petting zoo was one of the main highlights of the festival. Many had the chance to feed and pet these lovely and adorable animal friends! These animals were approachable and friendly. They were also very eager to meet our visitors and rushed to blow our visitors hugs and kisses the moment they entered the gate!

  • pony Rides

    Little ponies also came to visit at the event and were adored by many children and families. These ponies carried our visitors for a short ride around the Kingsway Church and grew closer to the Kingsford community. These ponies were very tamed and adorable, little toddlers loved to lay on their back and lost track of time as they were having many laughs and joy being on the pony ride!

  • Live performances

    The Kingsford Spring festival brought many traditional cultures to the Kingsford community, this included the Angklung and the Peacock dance performance. These performances were not only captivating but also carried cultural meanings and were symbolic to Indonesia's unique culture and traditions.

  • Special Guest speeches

    The Kingsford Spring Festival was also welcomed by the representatives from Randwick City council, NSW Police, Indonesian Consul-General for NSW and the Ambassador of Indonesia to Australia who shared their identities and pride in being a member of the community. This partnership will be the core in sustaining the community’s safety and future!

  • Face painting

    Our talented face painters added beautiful colours and joy to our visitors’ faces. It wasn’t hard to spot the unique and creative face paint of our visitors!

Kingsway Church is the home to diversity and culture

The 2022 Kingsway Spring Festival was hosted no other than at our Kingsway Church on the 3rd September 2022 (Saturday) where we entered the Spring of 2022 together. 

We look forward to starting many seasons with you! Come visit us again on 94 Houston Road, Kingsford NSW 2032 every Sunday for both Indonesian and English services.

Appreciation to our sponsors

The 2022 Kingsford Spring Festival was kindly sponsored by the Randwick City Council, The Indonesian Embassy of Australia and our local sponsor, Joseph Metcalf Funeral Services. The above sponsors provided many supports and resources in making the 2022 Kingsford Spring Festival a successful and memorable event for the community!