Life Groups are the heartbeat of community life in our church. We meet together in smaller groups in the middle of the week to share a meal, pray, study the Bible and share our lives with one another. It is an expression of our commitment to love one another as Christ has loved us. 

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Everyone is welcome to join a life group even if you aren't a Christian, or have never read the Bible. We hope you too can learn more about God, with us! If you'd like to join us, please click the button below

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What happens at life group?

We share a meal / share life, usually at someone’s home or at church in Kingsford, we also have two groups that meet online. Life groups are centred around bible, community, prayer and mission. They help us to speak God’s word to each other, share life and love each other, pray for each other and do mission together. The goal of life groups is to foster a community where people mature in Jesus together. Life groups are an important part of church life and help us to encourage each other regularly. They run midweek during the school term and organise socials during the holidays.

Format of Life Groups

Life groups are composed of three sections: accountability, bible and commitment

In small groups of 2-3 people, we discuss what we committed to in the previous week and keep each other accountable for them. It gives us an opportunity to catch up with and pray for each other.

Frequently asked questions

  • We strongly encourage, all members of our church to be part of a life group! They help us to encourage each other throughout the week by sharing life together.

  • We want to keep our life groups at around 8 - 12 people so we can build deeper relationships with each other and invite our friends (do mission together).

  • Get in touch with one of the life group leaders in your area or join one with people you already know!

  • You can fill in your details and preferred life group location at here.