Our story

We are a community of God's people living for Jesus in Kingsford in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. We are located 5 minutes away from the University of New South Wales (UNSW). We are saved and gathered together by grace. And so, we are committed to following Christ, proclaiming the gospel, loving one another and living in hope until Christ's return. We are made up of people from different backgrounds and cultures. So everyone is welcome even if you are not a Christian.

KINGSWAY is also part of a wider church. We are the English congregation of the Indonesian Presbyterian Church (IPC). That means we submit to the leadership of the pastors and elders of IPC. But being an English-speaking congregation we speak English and we welcome people from every nation.


IPC is an Indonesian-speaking church in Sydney. It was established as a congregation in the Presbyterian Church of Australia in 1988 and continues to grow until today. It is one of the first and largest Indonesian churches in Sydney. As the church matured, the ministers and elders of the church decided to start an English congregation to minister to those who speak English in the church and the wider community in Sydney. This congregation is what is today known as KINGSWAY.