Subsidised counselling service

Giosela Tjakra is offering a subsidised counselling service

at KINGSWAY CHURCH (by appointment only).

To make an appointment, please contact Gio:

Alternate Phone  0414 169 694  Envelope

About Giosela Tjakra

My name is Giosela. I was born and I grew up in Belitung. Twenty five years since I graduated from high school, I have lived in several different countries; I have held many different jobs in my IT profession, and different roles in life. I have lived in Jakarta, Singapore and now in Sydney. In the past ten years, I was busy in my role as a mother to my family of four, and a wife to my husband. Somewhere along those years, I found my passion in counselling. I have completed my degree in Master of Counselling at Morling College. 

Looking back in reflection of my journey, I have learned that my life is secured in God’s hands and in His grace and sovereignty. I hold the same belief for each of us who has been called towards Him through Christ. Having acknowledge His sovereignty in my life, I don’t mean to draw a pretty picture of my life journey; quite the contrary, I would like to share that through conflicts that comes and go, endless challenges and struggles in life, I have learned what it looks like for me to be centred in Christ, and to grow in my relationship with Him, personally and intimately.