About Kingsway

Our mission

We exist because of Jesus to mature in Him, make His disciples and love His world by His grace

Our vision

We aim to instil evangelism as an essential part of our church culture

Core values

These values shape how we live as a community of Jesus-followers, centred on the bible.

  • Centred on the bible

    The bible, God’s word, is our ultimate authority. It directs and guides everything we do. It is through the preaching of God’s word that He has saved us and it is through the teaching of God’s word that we will grow together as a church.

  • Honouring God in all parts of life

    We have been rescued from sin so we might now live for God. So, by grace, we seek to live godly lives that honour God in all parts of life with the power of the Holy Spirit..

  • Serving and discipling one another

    We believe that we will only grow in maturity together when each of us does its work. So we will speak the truth of God’s word in love to each other and build the church in love with the gifts God has given us together.

  • Sharing life in a welcoming community

    Jesus didn't save us to be disconnected individuals. He saved us to be part of a God's family. At Kingsway we commit to living new lives as a community that is shaped by the gospel together. We also commit to welcoming others into this community because Christ has welcomed us into his family.

  • Persevering in prayer

    The God we serve is a God who is sovereign over all things. He is also our good Father in heaven who longs to hear our prayers and give us good gifts. For this reason, we will be a community that perseveres in prayer for all things.