We are disciples of Jesus, transformed in Christ, impacting his world, and multiplying disciples for Him


Called to Worship

Built on the Bible

Maturing through Discipleship

Sharing Life in Fellowship

Dependant in Prayer

Passionate for Gospel Witness

VISION FOR 2022-2025

We aim to create a healthy church  

led by healthy leadership teams

made up of many healthy small groups

filled with healthy disciples of Jesus

with the aim of multiplying disciples through evangelism

key strategies

STRATEGY #1: Training Healthy Leaders & Leadership Teams

Training current and future elders using the Christ College shepherd leaders training

complete first cycle of SLT by 2023

Training current and future life group leaders in house through cross training and ‘on the job’ training

run life group leaders training every year

Training leaders in conflict resolution and peacemaking

send 5-10 people a year to peacewise every year until we have 20-25 trained conflict coaches and 10 trained mediators by 2025

Begin providing conflict coaching and mediation service to the congregation by 2021"

STRATEGY #2: Becoming a Church Made Up of Life Groups

Changing paradigm of church life to a concept of a church made up of many life groups

To have a sermon series and/or seminar, at least once a year, with the topic of life groups.

To have comparative study with other churches, online and/or onsite, at least once a year.

Recruiting and training life group leaders

To increase the leaders by X people by 2023 & Y people by 2025 - the number is decided per komisi.

To run leaders training once a year by pastoral staff member.

Encouraging church members to be part of a life group through identifying current social groups in the church and by creating small groups within the different komisi

To increase the number of people who joined life groups 10% annually - the number need to be checked per komisi

STRATEGY #3: Growing Healthy Disciples of Jesus

A focus on preaching on personal evangelism, personal devotion, and conflict resolution

To be organized by pastoral staff

Providing materials and events or seminars that develop deeper personal relationship with God

To be organized by pastoral staff

Developing a culture a one to one discipleship

To run one to one training for elders and key leaders (20 people) by the end of 2021; and having them to have one to one meeting with someone else by end of 2022.

To run one to one training annually to other people after 2022 with the same goal.


STRATEGY #4: Regeneration & Multiplying

Investing in a youth pastor to serve and disciple high schoolers

To have ministry apprentice focusing on youth in 2021 and 2022

A renewed effort to bring the different groups of young people closer with each other (oneway, kingsway pm and ip6) 

To have a combined activity (formal and informal) between oneway, kingsway pm and IP6, at least once a year. (e.g. Connect camp 2021)


A focus on the transition from sunday school to oneway and oneway to kingsway

Specific smart goals to be developed by SS, Oneway and Kingsway

Prepare for future addition to pastoral team to serve in the Indonesian congregation

To have 2 permanent full-time pastoral staffs to serve in Indonesian congregation by end of 2023.

To have 1 permanent full-time music staff to serve in Indonesian and English congregations by end of 2023.