We are already meeting in person at 10AM and 4PM

But we will continue to live stream our 10am service on YouTube

(Sermons are uploaded for later viewing, every Sunday at 5PM).

Everyone is welcome to join us!

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Why are we meeting online?

Kingsway Church has moved all services and activities online, and will continue meeting virtually for as long as necessary. We're committed to protecting everyone in the community (through all lockdown measures) and to continue growing as one Church.

  • To Protect the most vulnerable

    The Australian Government has enacted crucial measures to "flatten the curve", minimising the spread of the virus. As of March 18, Kingsway Church has moved all activity online indefinitely. This is in following with government guidelines and in a desire to protect our most vulnerable friends, family and neighbours — particularly the elderly and immuno-compromised.

  • To LOVE & SERVE one another

    As one Church, we're committed to loving and serving each other — and finding new ways to do this, through the lockdown period. 'Life Groups' are one key way we will grow together, through meeting up virtually mid-week, sharing in fellowship each Sunday, and being looped in each other's lives. We're also equipping a team of Kingsway members who are able to provide practical care. 

  • To live out our gospel calling

    Our vision of a thriving Gospel community continues. The Bible reminds us of how important it is (more than ever) to hold onto our sure hope in Jesus and persevere in meeting up with one another (Hebrews 10:23-25). We trust that by God's power and through perseverance, we'll find new ways to  proclaim the Gospel, mature in Christ, and encourage each other.

Get involved

Kingsway Church is still worshipping God and proclaiming the Gospel. Though, now in different ways through online church. We thank God for the technology that enables us to connect with each other. Because of this technology, there are still many ways to get involved. Find out more below!

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Life Groups

Christ-centred community is a central part of Kingsway Church. Life Groups (or Loops) are where we gather during week nights and on Sundays. 

How do they work? On a weekly basis, Life Groups:

  • Share life through regular fellowship
  • Meet virtually before and after Sunday services to encourage each other
  • Explore the bible together through weekly bible studies
  • Pray for each other and the world
  • Enjoy social events and games nights

Interested in joining a Life Group? Life Groups gather on Tuesday night, Wednesday night, Thursday night, and Friday morning. 

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Kids Church

Kingsway Church's Kids Program is all about empowering parents and engaging kids in the Gospel. Our weekly resources help parents to fulfil their responsibility: to teach and lead their children in the way of Jesus.

What's included in the program? Each week, families can access: 

  • Sunday videos to watch during the sermon
  • At home learning activities to do with your children during the week and
  • Saturday KidsLoops for your children to fellowship with other children. 

View a sample program here.

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YOUth at kingsway

Our high school age youth group meets online weekly.

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